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This coaching option is live coaching calls direct 1 on 1 with J!
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  • * Structuring deals
  • * Closings
  • * Document & paperwork
  • * Rehabbing
  • * Hiring handy man & Contractors
  • * Multiplying deals and anything in between

Let J walk you step-by-step
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J Garcia has coached over 300 students to date. J knows a thing about leading students to mobile home investing success.


– 1 – On – 1 Personal Coaching Calls $197
– Pre-Recorded Lessons To Choose from now ONLY $99 each

  • Getting replaced titles / bond titles
  • How to Get Mobile Home Leads
  • How to Approach Mobile Home Sellers
  • What to Offer (determine current value of a mobile home)
  • How to Close Mobile Home Deals (what documents do you need?)
  • Exit Strategies
  • Wholesale 101
  • Hiring Mobile Home Handymen and Contractors
  • Getting Your Next Mobile Home Deals
  • Mobile Home Rehab
  • Transporting a Mobile Home
  • Grading Mobile Home Parks
  • Buying a Mobile Home with a Credit Card
  • Additional Lessons Coming Soon

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ONLY $997 $49.00 per monthly subscription